Dal Negro Cards

TCSJOHNHUXLEY is pleased to announce that we can now supply Dal Negro casino playing cards. Available in paper coated or PVC (100% Plastic) and a variety of sizes, weights and finishes, there are numerous options for your casino playing card requirements.


  • Paper coated with linen finish
  • Longer lasting PVC (100% Plastic) with smooth or rough surface finish
  • Strong, resistant varnish prolongs use with automatic shuffling machines
  • Excellent quality control during manufacture and packing process
  • Card backs are available in a wide range of colors and patterns
  • Card backs can be customized with a casino's logo or branding
  • Security options include - security ink, barcodes and invisible ink
  • Each deck has a production code for traceability
  • Decks are cellophane wrapped and are available in single, double and six deck tuckboxes
  • Cards do not crease or tear. If bent they will gradually return to their original shape
  • Not easily marked
  • Resistant to humidity and dirt
  • Can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth

Product Specification


Dal Negro cards are available in the following card sizes:

Poker Wide – 63 x 88mm (used for Poker and Blackjack)

Bridge Narrow – 58 x 88mm (used for Punto Banco, Bridge etc.)


Cardboard – Manufactured in duplex quality paper board, two layers of paper bonded by transparent glue.

Plastic – 100% PVC. Smooth or rough surface.

Security Options

Security Ink: Playing cards can be ordered with two types of ink – regular and security. Security ink is blood-red in colour and darker than the traditional ink. The security ink allows the casino to recognize the cards using by infrared cameras.

Barcode: The barcode is a set of data that is printed on each playing card, The casino uses special cards with a unique barcodes that must be scanned, identified and converted to a digital format. Once scanned, players can see real-time data on the screen. This popular and widely used method is simple and reliable.

Invisible Ink: High-quality luminous ink is printed on both sides of the card and is invisible to the naked eye but can be clearly legible using infra-red machines to collect game information. There are usually two types of marking styles – a bold index number in the center of the card or a small symbol in the corners. The design of the marking can be personalized with a casino’s logo.

Packing – Tuckbox Options

Each deck comes with a production code allowing the traceability of every passage, from raw materials selection to the warehouse stock. All products are packed in high security and perfectly sealed strapped boxes. A special palletising format ensures the utmost protection from all external agents.

Decks are cellophane wrapped and available in single, double and six decks tuckboxes. POA

Item details below:


  • Texas Hold’em – 63 x 88mm, 100% PVC, Smooth Surface
  • Virgolone – 63 x 88mm, 100% PVC, Rough Surface


  • Carpet – 63 x 88mm, Cardboard, Cardboard Finish
  • Baccara – 63 x 88mm, Cardboard, Cardboard Finish

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