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Roulette Wheel Servicing

As experts in this field, we understand that quality, performance, and integrity of the game is everything for our customers which is why we offer a wide range of service and support options for Roulette Wheels.

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On-site service & certification

We understand that quality, performance, and integrity of the game is everything for our casino operators, that is why we offer an on-site wheel service and certification for TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheels. This includes a detailed report showing downloaded wheel data logs and levelling of the wheel using TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s unique Inclinometer and TriLevel tool.

With offices situated in every major gaming region of the world and a continued pursuit of quality improvement, our worldwide support network ensures expert know-how is always close at hand. All this is underpinned by our computerised call management and parts centre, and our regional teams of Engineers, Technical Specialists, Project, and Service Managers

 With an experienced TCSJOHNHUXLEY technician looking after your wheel, you are guaranteed skilled and highly trained engineers, who will use only genuine TCSJOHNHUXLEY or OEM parts to maintain your products’ performance.

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Peak performance


A casino depends on their Roulette Wheels running correctly and securely. Our maintenance programmes allow you to have that peace of mind in knowing that your wheels are being serviced to the highest of standards. TCSJOHNHUXLEY can ensure your wheels are always operating at their peak with our skilled technicians. Services are available weekly and monthly and are completely customised to suit your unique needs. Our experts will inspect wheels for damaged surfaces and correct operation, remove dirt and debris, rotate, and level wheels or replace any bearings, if required.

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Roulette Technology Centre (RTC)

Our RTC facilities in Stoke-on-Trent, UK and Las Vegas, US, are unique and dedicated to the full refinishing, rebuilding and testing of wheels. The RTC allows operators the peace of mind in knowing that their wheel is always operating at peak efficiency – saving them time, money and unnecessary worry. And it’s not just a service for TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s own wheels, they can refurbish the wheels of other manufacturers too.

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