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Roulette Technology Centre (RTC)

When it comes to wheels, security has always been a main consideration which is why most of our products incorporate unique features that provide the integrity casinos require. Our RTC facilities in Stoke on Trent, UK and Las Vegas, US, are unique and dedicated to the full refinishing, rebuilding and testing of wheels.

Detailed and Secure Service

Strict regulations are in place regarding the manufacturing of Roulette Wheels, however when a wheel is delivered onto a casino floor, it’s possible for any number of staff to come into contact with it and unintentionally alter its performance. The RTC allows operators the peace of mind in knowing that their wheel is always operating at peak efficiency – saving them time, money and unnecessary worry. And it’s not just a service for TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s own wheels, they can refurbish the wheels of other manufacturers too.

As part of the process all wheels are vigorously tested before they leave our facilities. Every time a wheel comes into the RTC for refurbishment or maintenance it is checked with our Patented Laser Measuring Technology. This clever device captures every area where the ball makes contact with the wheel, which is then precisely measured using statistical analysis to ensure the integrity of the wheel to the finest tolerances.

This is used to check every new wheel before it leaves the factory, as well as wheels returned to the RTC for testing and refurbishment, to make sure the wheel arrives at the casino with the assurance that the product is 100% random with a full analytical report to back it up. This is unique to TCSJOHNHUXLEY and no other wheel manufacturer can offer this.


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