Table Game Layouts

TCSJOHNHUXLEY table game layouts feature robust synthetic materials that allow for customisation, to create fully themed, photographic-quality tables without any restrictions on table sizes. Cloths are available in a wide range of standard colours whilst the inner playing areas can be specifically matched to your desired colour. Alternative cloth colours are available, subject to a minimum order quantity.


  • Robust synthetic material.
  • Unlimited scope in design.
  • High impact colours provide long lasting good looks.
  • Customise layouts with your logo or theme.
  • Photographic quality printing.
  • Designed to withstand 24/7-hour operations.
  • High-washing and abrasion resistance.
  • Full design, production and fulfilment service

Frequently asked questions

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Can I have a customised table design to suit my casino?

TCSJOHNHUXLEY works with you to design a world class gaming layout to suit your casino theme, colour scheme and brand. Whatever your vision TCSJOHNHUXLEY can help make it a reality, with the experience and skill to create truly customised gaming layouts.  

How often should I change my Gaming Table layouts?

This will depend on the amount of game play your tables are getting. Obviously a 24/7 operation will experience more wear and tear on their tables, than a smaller casino with fixed operating hours, but TCSJOHNHUXLEY layouts are produced using high-impact, long lasting colours which help to maintain good looks for longer. The option to incorporate a high-grade liquid resistant coating, will improve the lifespan even longer.

Can the layouts fit any table?

Yes, our cloth sizes cover all table sizes, right up to the largest tables such as Craps or Baccarat without the need for seams.

Gaming Tables in Action 

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