Saturn™ Triple Zero Roulette Wheel

Featuring a unique thirty-nine pocket design, the Saturn™ Triple Zero Roulette Wheel offers players an exciting additional bet, providing operators with a higher House Edge. The Triple Zero Roulette Wheel  offers various placement options around the wheel, including the opportunity to include your casino’s logo instead of the 000.


  • Thirty-nine pocket design (000) that can be branded to highlight a symbol or casino logo.
  • Exciting additional Zero bet for players
  • Provides operators with a higher House Edge
  • Allows the casino to offer a lower minimum bet whilst keeping the game profitable
  • Patented Drop Zone Detection highlighting non-random results and drop zone bias, that can be caused by inaccurate balancing, table movement or fraudulent manipulation
  • Three discreet embedded sensors to detect winning numbers
  • Over 130 quality control checks
  • Manufactured with a near indestructible Velstone™ ball track to stop wear and tear.
  • Available in a full range of colours and veneers, with either a standard or patented Starburst® separator ring
  • Custom designs available

Product Specification

Configuration –Triple Zero Wheel.

Finish Options – Gloss or Matt

Separator Ring – Standard or Starburst

Ball track Material – Velstone™

Built-In Technology –3 Built-In Sensors- Fast Number Detection, Drop Zone Detection, Ball Track Inclinometer (Optional Extra) and Basic Wheel Analytics (exportable).

Colour Options – Custom designs and finishes available.

Frequently asked questions

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Why are TCSJOHNHUXLEY Saturn Wheels so highly acclaimed?

At TCSJOHNHUXLEY we are passionate about Roulette Wheels and have continually been at the forefront of roulette wheel development for half a century. All Saturn™ Roulette Wheels incorporate in-built technology for fast and accurate detection of winning numbers, as well as providing a range of wheel diagnostics and reports that are easily accessed. In addition to this is a range of unique features that deliver unrivalled security and randomness, such as patented Drop Zone Detection, Saturn Data Logger and Inclinometer (optional extra). No other Roulette wheel manufacturer performs the same level of testing as TCSJOHNHUXLEY which is why our Roulette Wheels are the most secure and technically advanced in gaming today.

Can my wheel be customised?

The Saturn™ Roulette Wheel can be customised to suit any casino brand, colour scheme or theme. Visit our Custom Wheels page to see some of our latest designs.

What is Drop Zone?

One of the difficulties faced by casino operators is getting accurate data from the gaming equipment when revenues suddenly change or security is breached. Every Saturn™ Roulette Wheel has Drop Zone Detection built in at no extra cost. Drop Zone Detection (DZD) is a patented key performance indicator for Saturn™ Roulette wheels that can be used to track any changes or abnormal events by monitoring the frequency of the ball leaving a particular area (zone) of the ball track. A greater percentage of frequency is a strong indication that the wheel is either dirty, imbalanced or has been tampered with. This enables casinos to quickly detect problems arising from any biased roulette wheels. The importance of having DZD is that this will not show up in a Wheel Analysis report as all numbers will still be random. A Drop Zone enables an advantage player to see when the ball is leaving the rim of the wheel and to then calculate what section of the cylinder it’s going to land in. If you’re not tracking Drop Zone your report will say the wheel is random - but you are losing money.

What is the Saturn™ Data Logger?

The Saturn™ Data Logger captures winning number results and ball drop behaviour, storing wheel events for over 6 years. The Saturn™ Data Logger analyses the performance and integrity of the wheel and highlights non-random results and Drop Zone bias caused by inaccurate balancing, table movement or fraudulent wheel tampering. It is fitted to all Saturn™ Roulette wheels and is activated as an optional extra.

Can I have a Zero replaced with my logo?

Yes, with various placement options around the wheel there is the opportunity to include your logo instead of the 000, providing a distinctive feature to your gaming floor.

How many quality checks are involved in each wheel?

Throughout the manufacturing process and prior to dispatch we exhaustively check every aspect of our wheels – in fact, over 130 individual quality checks to be precise, ensuring TCSJOHNHUXLEY's guarantee of supplying the best wheels. Every wheel is  also tested using our patented Laser Measuring Technology and every area where the ball makes contact with the wheel is precisely measured using statistical analysis. This ensures the integrity of the wheel to the finest tolerances.  

Roulette Wheels in Action

Want to see our Roulette Wheels in action? Watch our overview video here and see why we are globally recognised as pioneers of the most reliably random and secure Roulette Wheels.

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What our clients say

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been an important partner in the development of many projects ranging from bespoke Roulette Wheels to the award-winning Dream Catcher. Their willingness and ability to innovate, coupled with their attention to detail, quality products and service level, has led to a very successful collaboration.”

Fredrik Bjurle, Director of Products Evolution Gaming

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