Saturn™ Auto Diamond Rotor Wheel

The SaturnTM Auto Diamond Rotor features a unique design that builds anticipation for players as they wait for the result. Incorporating all the features of the award-winning SaturnTM Auto Wheel, the Diamond Rotor produces a wider variation of bounce as the ball travels around the rotor. A game-changing addition!


  • Unique design produces an increased ball bounce.
  • Builds player excitement and anticipation as they wait for the result.
  • Can be supplied as new or factory fitted to existing SaturnTM Auto Roulette Wheel.
  • Same footprint as the Saturn™ Wheel.
  • Safe and secure 24-hour operation
  • Patented ball launch system.
  • Easily integrates with ETG systems.
  • Eye-catching Built-in LED lights to indicate game status.
  • Three operation modes, Remote (controlled by server), Manual (controlled by Control Box), and Automatic (system driven), the Saturn™ Auto is a versatile Roulette wheel perfect for all casino environments.
  • Perfect for land-based or online gaming environments
  • Fully contained unit, no additional compressor or equipment required.

Product Specification

Configuration – Single, Double, Triple and Quadrouple Zero options, HiLite Podium or Custom design (optional).

Finish Options – Gloss or Matt.

Separator Ring – Standard or Starburst™.

Ball track Material – Velstone™.

Built-In Technology – Unique Ball Launch System 3 Built-In Sensors- Fast Number Detection Drop Zone Detection Ball Track Inclinometer (Optional Extra) Basic Wheel Analytics (exportable).

Colour Options – Black.

In-Rim LED Lights – Yes – Colour Changing LED matching game states.

Operating Voltage –  100-240V AC


Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between all the operation modes?

The Remote setting allows for connected devices such as Qorex Electronic Gaming Terminals or third-party EGT’s to control when the spin is started, while the Automatic setting configures the set number of spins per hour. The manual setting allows for dealer interaction through a dedicated ball ‘fire’ button

What makes The TCSJOHNHUXLEY's Saturn™ Auto Diamond Wheel innovative?

The SaturnTM Auto Diamond Rotor incorporates all the features of the existing SaturnTM Auto wheel but offers an exciting additional option that not only provides a striking design but also produces a wider variation of bounce as the ball travels around the wheel. This increased bounce is due to the Diamond Rotor’s unique design, that builds anticipation and excitement as players wait for the winning result. The Diamond Rotor is an optional extra to the standard SaturnTM Auto Roulette Wheel and can be supplied as an upgrade to existing SaturnTM Auto wheels as a factory fitted item.

What products is the Saturn™ Auto Diamond Rotor Wheel compatible with?

The Saturn™ Auto Wheel offers full compatibility with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY products including Table Game Performance, allowing for total management and control of the gaming floor.

What is Drop Zone?

One of the difficulties faced by casino operators is getting accurate data from the gaming equipment when revenues suddenly change or security is breached. Every Saturn™ Roulette Wheel has Drop Zone Detection built in at no extra cost. Drop Zone Detection (DZD) is a patented key performance indicator for Saturn™ Roulette wheels that can be used to track any changes or abnormal events by monitoring the frequency of the ball leaving a particular area (zone) of the ball track. A greater percentage of frequency is a strong indication that the wheel is either dirty, imbalanced or has been tampered with. This enables casinos to quickly detect problems arising from any biased roulette wheels. The importance of having DZD is that this will not show up in a Wheel Analysis report as all numbers will still be random. A Drop Zone enables an advantage player to see when the ball is leaving the rim of the wheel and to then calculate what section of the cylinder it’s going to land in. If you’re not tracking Drop Zone your report will say the wheel is random - but you are losing money.

Roulette Wheels in Action

Want to see our Roulette Wheels in action? Watch our Saturn™ Auto Roulette Wheel video here and see why we are globally recognised as pioneers of the most reliably random and secure Roulette Wheels.

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What our clients say

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been an important partner in the development of many projects ranging from bespoke Roulette Wheels to the award-winning Dream Catcher. Their willingness and ability to innovate, coupled with their attention to detail, quality products and service level, has led to a very successful collaboration.”

Fredrik Bjurle, Director of Products Evolution Gaming

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