Roulette Wheel Analysis

Offered as part of TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Table Game Performance or as a standalone product, operators can use Roulette Wheel Analysis to ensure their TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheels, or third-party wheels are performing as expected and highlight any irregularities. Operators can assign wheels to certain tables and collect data to generate concise and detailed reports that constantly check a wheel’s integrity.


  • Delivers real-time Bias, Drop Zone, and Game Speed Reports.
  • Real-time alerts highlight security risks to determine whether evasive action is required.
  • Maintenance logging for wheel cleaning, levelling, bearing change and full service.
  • Tracks wheel placement on the gaming floor.

Frequently asked questions

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Why do I need Roulette Wheel Analysis?

With the addition of Roulette Wheel Analysis operators can maintain their wheels at peak efficiency. By having complete visibility of a wheel’s performance, any bias is quickly highlighted to ensure the operator is made aware before there’s a problem. A wheel bias may arise due to incorrect installation, inaccurate levelling, sub-optimal cleaning operations, table movement or fraudulent wheel manipulation, as well as general wear and tear. Roulette Wheel Analysis allows operators to assign wheels to tables and collect data in the background, which allows them to generate concise and detailed reports to monitor a wheel’s integrity in real-time.

What information is included in the reports?

These reports provide easy-to-read diagrams that illustrate acceptable and unacceptable levels of performance and bias. If an untoward bias is detected, detailed reports provide drop zone information, number of spins and date ranges.

What is Drop Zone?

One of the difficulties faced by casino operators is getting accurate data from the gaming equipment when revenues suddenly change or security is breached. Every Saturn™ Roulette Wheel has Drop Zone Detection built in at no extra cost. Drop Zone Detection (DZD) is a patented key performance indicator for Saturn™ Roulette wheels that can be used to track any changes or abnormal events by monitoring the frequency of the ball leaving a particular area (zone) of the ball track. A greater percentage of frequency is a strong indication that the wheel is either dirty, imbalanced or has been tampered with. This enables casinos to quickly detect problems arising from any biased roulette wheels. The importance of having DZD is that this will not show up in a Wheel Analysis report as all numbers will still be random. A Drop Zone enables an advantage player to see when the ball is leaving the rim of the wheel and to then calculate what section of the cylinder it’s going to land in. If you’re not tracking Drop Zone your report will say the wheel is random - but you are losing money.

Roulette Wheels in Action

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