Roulette Progressive

Roulette Progressive is a first of its kind offering, allowing an optional progressive bet to be placed for an opportunity to win a combination of bespoke progressive, fixed and/or mystery jackpots. With multiple progressive jackpots and mystery prizes, all of which can be customised to meet the needs and expectations of each operation, the system focuses on preferred hit frequencies as well as specific jackpots, their seed values and contributions.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Progressive is a white label product allowing operators’ full customisation to brand and theme the game, design and jackpots. There are limitless possibilities for the operator to bring an unprecedented level of entertainment and excitement to the gaming floor.


  • Independent meters
  • White label product - customisable contributions, hit frequency, jackpots and designs
  • “In it to win it” bet qualifies for random mystery progressive payouts as well as shared community jackpots
  • Secure, proven, reliable and automated progressive system – minimum dealer interaction required
  • Creates excitement around the table and on the casino floor

Roulette Progressive in Action

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