Repeater Bets Plus with Surrender

Repeater Bets Plus with Surrender is a table game version of the exciting Craps Repeater Bets side bet for use on a Blackjack Gaming Table.

To participate the player has to pick a number(s) between 2 and 12 by placing their wager on the ‘Repeater Bets’ circle and inform the dealer which bet they want. The dealer will book all Repeater Bets. Each player will then take turns shaking the dice, using only one hand. Players may place their “Repeater Bets” side wager prior to any roll or at any time if the number chosen has not been tracked.

The object of the game is to roll the chosen number a predetermined number of times sequentially or not, with two dice before a sum of seven is rolled. If a seven is rolled the wager is lost and the game resets. 

For more information download the How To Play Guide below.

Gaming Tables in Action

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