Ora Curve

Ora Curve features sweeping lines on its elegant, curved frame that incorporate a range of striking LEDs to clearly identify the last Baccarat game results. Available in 27” and 32” landscape screen sizes with a variety of colours, there is no chance players will miss any of the action on these displays.


  • Suitable for Baccarat, Poker, and Progressive Displays
  • Double-sided display to attract more attention to a table and increase marketing potential
  • Striking LEDs across a curved frame that identify game results
  • Automated attract sequences and live winning number statistics
  • Adaptive display screen graphics and multiple skin options
  • Built-in camera option for added security
  • Multiple language and currency options
  • Connects to intelligent card shoes including Angel and USPC Bee
  • Standalone or networked

Product Specification

Screen – Double-sided screen.

Screen size – Available in 27” and 32” landscape screens.

Resolution – 1080p HD.

Input – 2 x HDMI Cable input.

LED Lights –  Yes.

Voltage –  12V / 7A.

Frequently asked questions

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What additional security options can I add to my Ora Curve Display?

Ora Curve has the option to incorporate a built-in camera in its attractive sweeping frame to provide extra security at the table. This camera cut-out provides a stylish and aesthetically pleasing option, whilst providing peace of mind to operators.

What games is the Ora Curve Display suitable for?

Ora Curve is suitable for Baccarat, Poker, and Progressive Displays.

Does the display come with pre-loaded skins?

Baccarat displays are supplied with a standard range of skin designs that have the ability to incorporate a casino logo. Casinos can request custom-made skins, but this is subject to an additional cost.

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