Appealing to both new and existing players, MultiBet, allows players to place sports and lottery-style bets on table games via a betting terminal issuing betting tickets. Once players receive a ticket, it’s either activated for virtual table games at the terminal, or at the gaming tables for live games, at a time of the player’s choosing.


  • Appeals to new and existing players
  • Place sports / keno style bets on live games without interrupting or affecting game play
  • Enables multiple consecutive bets allowing much higher payouts
  • Players can make bets and play at the bar or restaurant
  • Results can be tracked on venue display screens or mobile devices
  • Players can activate bets at a table and a time of their choosing
  • Integrated for TITO

Frequently asked questions

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What games can I play on a MultiBet Terminal?

The first games to debut are MultiBet Roulette™ which has 5 different game options, and then MultiBet Baccarat™, which has 1 game. Each game allow players to generate and control their stakes and odds by placing bets on their favourite numbers, high-low results and streaks over single or multiple consecutive games. Furthermore, players can make bets and play at a time of their choosing.

How can I track my bets?

Bets can be played over multiple consecutive games and players can track their progress on a display screen within a casino venue or even on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code. This extended choice of sports and lottery-style betting will appeal to a range of skill sets and players.

MultiBet in Action

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