Matsui Chips

Matsui Chips are regarded worldwide as a one of the most durable and secure casino gaming chips. Sourcing only the best in gaming accessories, TCSJOHNHUXLEY are proud to offer Matsui’s extensive range of chips, wheel checks, security value chips, plaques and jetons.

Matsui offer many security options for Gaming Chips, from standard UV Marking to their state-of-the-art RFID technology, making these Chips one of the safest choices for casino operators.


  • Internationally recognised in the gaming world
  • Highly durable and secure
  • Options for visible and invisible UV markings and serial numbers
  • Features Matsui’s Secure e-Chip anti-theft system and MG Eye to authenticate all chips and prevent casino gaming chip theft
  • Customised designs available for all banks of chips in a wide range of colours and designs using your casinos logo

Product Specification

Range of sizes available including –  39/40mm, 43mm and 50mm for chips.

Security Options – Visible UV, Invisible UV. Mould UV. MG EYE Security Printing, MG Eye Edge, Laser Trace, EM Tag, RFID.

Colours – 43 colour options.

Decal – Wide range of glitter decal designs and a mirror silver or gold effect.

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