LED Money Wheel

Available in either 52 or 54-pin wheels the LED Money Wheel makes an outstanding feature on any gaming floor. Precision engineered and incorporating the latest illumination technology, the LED Money Wheel provides eye-catching ‘attract modes’ with a flexible range of graphics to suit any theme.


  • Two stand options - wooden or metal
  • Available in 52 or 54-pin Wheel
  • Brings additional attraction and excitement for all players
  • Perfect partner for Blaze Money Wheel Gaming Table
  • Engaging ‘attract modes’ with a wide variety of graphic options

Product Specification

Stand Options – Wooden or metal stand options.

Colour Options – Range of colour options to suit any theme.

Compatible ProductsBlaze Money Wheel Gaming Table, TCS Ora Winning Number Displays.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I customise my LED Wheel to suit my own theme?

Yes, we can work with you to produce custom wheel designs and graphics can be produced to suit any theme or décor.

Is the LED Money Wheel compatible with Blaze?

Available in either 52 or 54-pin wheels, the LED Money Wheel is the perfect partner for the Blaze Money Wheel Gaming Table. Results on the wheel are highlighted on the Blaze Money Wheel table, via dealer input on a small discreet dealer console located on the table. As an added benefit, stunning game sequences are projected under an acrylic screen or traditional cloth layout. These patented eye-catching animations attract, excite, and captivate new and existing players to table areas, providing a unique visual for your casino floor.

What is the benefit of having an LED Money Wheel?

Any Money Wheel is a showstopper on the gaming floor, but by incorporating LED technology into the Money Wheel, players cannot miss this high-impact game. Graphics literally come to life with animated attract sequences, and winning results are further highlighted by a radiant glow.  

Money Wheels in Action 

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What our clients say

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been an important partner in the development of many projects ranging from bespoke Roulette Wheels to the award-winning Dream Catcher. Their willingness and ability to innovate, coupled with their attention to detail, quality products and service level, has led to a very successful collaboration.”

Fredrik Bjurle, Director of Products Evolution Gaming

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