TCS Jackpot System

The TCS Jackpot System is a unique platform used for any table game providing operators the flexibility to customise Jackpots, themes can be created  by configuring multiple progressive Jackpots and patented mystery prizes. This secure and reliable system focuses on preferred hit frequencies of the specific Jackpots, their seed values, and contributions.


  • Independent meters keep players at tables and builds anticipation
  • White Label product - easily customisable contributions, hit frequency, jackpots and design
  • Secure, proven, reliable and automated system
  • Minimum dealer interaction required
  • Creates huge excitement around the table and casino floor
  • Players have access to a variety of individual, community, and mystery progressive jackpots as well as fixed pay-outs
  • The Jackpot, display, table layout and Jackpot meters can all be customised to a casino’s own design
  • Easy-to-use and set-up with Bet Sensors, a Table Display and a Dealer Console, which will then connect to a server
  *Some bonusing games may be restricted contrary to permitting jurisdictions*

Frequently asked questions

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How does the TCS Jackpot System differ to others on the market?

One of the main selling points of the TCS Jackpot System is simplicity. Essentially you only need Bet Sensors, a Table Display and a Dealer Console - these will then connect to a server. The other unique element is customisation. The Jackpot, display, table layout and Jackpot meters can all be customised to your own design. It is possible to have up to 5 jackpot meters and any amount of fixed value payouts You can also set up Mystery Jackpots for any table game, which can all be linked to floor-wide Mystery Jackpots regardless of whether they are the same game type. This allows certain Jackpots to increment faster and helps create more excitement on the gaming floor.

What additional reporting data does the The TCSJOHNHUXLEY Jackpot System offer?

The Jackpot System offers real-time, fixed reporting for insight into table and player data. Operators can now view comprehensive data relating to a tables’ history giving the ability to analyse key performance, whilst meeting gaming regulation requirements.

What are Mystery Jackpots and how will they make my Progressive product more exciting?

Mystery Jackpots are an effective way to create buzz and excitement throughout a casino. Patented, Mystery Jackpots use a random number generator (RNG) to select a participating player as a winner, creating added excitement. Operators can also control the average value and frequency of their Mystery Jackpots. The Mystery Jackpot integration allows players to participate in a table or floor-wide side bet that generates larger jackpots. Not only are players participating in the mystery jackpot against players at their table, but they’re also playing with other participants at other Mystery Jackpot tables throughout the entire casino.

Can I customise my games?

Operators can now focus their branding by customising their games and graphics. This can be achieved by utilising existing base games and side bets or by developing brand specific games and side bets. This provides operators with games that encourage brand loyalty and exclusivity. There is also the option to choose from an existing portfolio of progressives, which can then be modified to individual requirements if required. Our experienced teams can assist with this and help to design a truly unique game.  

What is the benefit of having independent progressive meters?

A key feature unique to the system allows players to have access to a variety of individual, community, and mystery progressive jackpots as well as fixed pay-outs. With the TCS Jackpot System, if one jackpot is won, the others remain in play (and don’t reset) until they are also won. This increased chance of winning excites players as more achievable game outcomes, such as lower valued hands in Poker, can end up being worth the most! For example, if you win a Royal Flush in Poker, the Straight flush jackpot will not decrease in value and may possibly have a bigger jackpot than the Royal Flush reset value. The TCS Jackpot System gives casinos the tools to intelligently customise their table games, adding excitement and attracting players.

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