The D-i-Shaker is TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s next generation Dice Shaker, with additional features for increased reliability, security, and a new lighter design. This latest automated Dice Shaker is as reliable and secure as the previous model, but now includes a range of features making it lighter and quieter than before.


  • Patented shaking mechanism with additional settling shake in its cycle to eliminate cocked or stacked dice.
  • Fully intergrated as part of the Sic Bo game electronics, giving added integrity to the game sequence.
  • Fits same footprint as previous model.
  • Quieter than previous model.
  • Lights in the base show game states and attract modes.
  • Lightweight lid - 1/3 the weight of the original shaker.
  • Lid-on and Lid-off game play.
  • New tougher glass cylinder which is resistant to impacts from the dice.
  • Customisable lid and body colours.
  • Built-in camera for dice recognition.
  • Robust and reliable to withstand 24-hour operation.
  • Built-in shake data.
  • Redesigned platter - brings dice into centre for improved visibility.
  • Fully compatible with existing Sic Bo tables and related TCSJOHNHUXLEY equipment.
  • Also suitable as stand-alone unit for ETGs or iGaming use.

Product Specification

Dice Shaker height above table (without cover) – 240mm

Dice Shaker width above table (without cover) – 190mm

Weight of Lid – 350g

Colour Selection – Customisable lid colour

LED Lights – Yes, lights change to show game status

Operating Voltage – 110v or 240v

Compatible Products – TCSJOHNHUXLEY Winning Number Displays, Blaze Sicbo Tables

Frequently asked questions

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How does the D-i-Shaker differ from the previous version?

The new D-i-Shaker is now lighter and quieter and includes a patented shaking mechanism that provides an additional settling ‘shimmy’ shake in its cycle which helps to eliminate any cocked and stacked dice. The glass dome has been completely redesigned and now consists of a flatter, tougher glass cylinder which is resistant to impacts from the dice. The new lighter lid design also assists with this. The D-i-Shaker has the same footprint however, so retro fitting to existing tables is quick and easy.

What is the Dice Recognition System (DRS) technology?

In recent years casinos have been hit by issues of security and dealer/player collusion on the game of Sic Bo, in addition manually reading dice results has always left room for human error. The Dice Recognition System mitigates these risks, bringing added security to the game of Sic Bo. DRS is a technology that allows the automatic recognition of the dice in a shaker. The system consists of advanced image analysis software, a  camera and lighting that is installed in the dice shaker. The system is designed to be driven from a Sic Bo table PC or an online gaming application. Once ‘No More Bets’ has been called, the DRS unit extracts the dice results from an image which is captured from a camera inside the Dice Shaker.

D-i-Shaker in Action

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