Custom Roulette Wheel

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Custom Roulette Wheels offer an excellent opportunity to add a further element of style and uniqueness to your casino. Design your own, unique wheel using a wide range of colour options and veneers, several turret options including bespoke, customisable ball stops and separator rings. Completely custom designs or the incorporation of logos are also available.


  • Completely custom manufacture
  • Custom illustrations and logos to tie in with a casino’s brand or theme
  • Design your own unique Saturn™ Wheel through the Roulette Wheel Configurator
  • Available in an extensive range of colours and veneers
  • Custom colour number tiles available on request
  • Compatible with other TCSJOHNHUXLEY products including Table Game Performance and the TCS Ora Winning Number Display range

Product Specification

Configuration – Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple and Custom Zero Wheels available.

Finish Options – Gloss or Matt.

Separator Ring – Standard or Starburst™.

Ball track Material – Velstone™

Built-In Technology – 3 Built-In Sensors- Fast Number Detection, Drop Zone Detection, Ball Track Inclinometer (Optional Extra) and Basic Wheel Analytics (exportable).

Colour Options – Custom designs and finishes available.

In-Rim LED Lights – White (Optional extra) or please see the Saturn™ Glo Roulette Wheel for a full colour LED option.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I create my own design for a Wheel?

Yes! Design your own wheel using a wide range of colour options and finishes through our Roulette Wheel Configurator. Alternatively if you want a truly unique wheel contact us to discuss your vision for your custom-built Roulette wheel. The only limitation is the imagination!

How many quality checks are involved in each wheel?

Throughout the manufacturing process and prior to dispatch we exhaustively check every aspect of our wheels – in fact, over 130 individual quality checks to be precise, ensuring TCSJOHNHUXLEY's guarantee of supplying the best wheels. Every wheel is  also tested using our patented Laser Measuring Technology and every area where the ball makes contact with the wheel is precisely measured using statistical analysis. This ensures the integrity of the wheel to the finest tolerances.  

Why are TCSJOHNHUXLEY Saturn Wheels so highly acclaimed?

At TCSJOHNHUXLEY we are passionate about Roulette Wheels and have continually been at the forefront of roulette wheel development for half a century. All Saturn™ Roulette Wheels incorporate in-built technology for fast and accurate detection of winning numbers, as well as providing a range of wheel diagnostics and reports that are easily accessed. In addition to this is a range of unique features that deliver unrivalled security and randomness, such as patented Drop Zone Detection, Saturn Data Logger and Inclinometer (optional extra). No other Roulette wheel manufacturer performs the same level of testing as TCSJOHNHUXLEY which is why our Roulette Wheels are the most secure and technically advanced in gaming today.

See our Roulette Wheels in action

Want to see our Roulette Wheels in action? Watch our overview video here and see why we are globally recognised as pioneers of the most reliably random and secure Roulette wheels .

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