Chipper Champ UV

Sort and sanitise chips at the same time with the Chipper Champ UV Chipping Machine. This latest iteration of the award-winning Chipper Champ features in-built UV-C light technology, a proven sanitisation tool, that offers players and casino staff suitable levels of protection to help combat the spread of germs and viruses.


  • Built-in UV-C Chip Sanitiser for Chipper Champ 2.
  • Automatically sanitises and sorts chips at the same time.
  • Does not slow down the chip sorting process.
  • Chips are sanitised multiple times during play, providing peace of mind to players and gaming staff.
  • Automatic safety switch stops UV-C operation should the door be opened.
  • Handles various chip diameters from 37mm – 43mm.
  • Designed for low maintenance.
  • Can be retro fitted to the existing Chipper Champ 2.

Product Specification

Dimensions ( L x W x H) – 1101mm x 567mm x 870mm

Weight – 97kg

Voltage –  110v – 240v plug pack supplied

UV Output – 19 W

Time for Disinfection –  <2 mins

Frequently asked questions

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How does the Chipper Champ UV work?

Chips can be automatically sanitised at the same time as being sorted, without any delay to the game. The CC UV allows one side of the chip to pass through the UV-C sanitiser unit whilst being sorted. Thus, repeat cycles during a player’s game session will ensure both sides are exposed to the sanitising unit. This provides players with peace of mind that their chips are constantly being exposed to UV-C light whilst in play. Chipper Champ UV is a new addition to the existing TCSJOHNHUXLEY Chipper Champ range that allows chips to be automatically sanitised as they’re sorted in Chipper. When the chips are placed into the chipper, they pass through a UV-C sanitiser unit, cleaning the chips before they’re returned to play. The Chipper Champ UV can be retro-fitted to existing Chipper Champ 2 machines.

What is the automatic safety feature?

The Chipper Champ UV incorporates an automatic safety feature that cuts power to the UV-C lamp if the door is opened during operation. Any harmful light is contained, ensuring extra protection for casino staff.

What is the The TCSJOHNHUXLEY Care and Protect Range?

The TCSJOHNHUXLEY Care and Protect range was designed to protect our industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. This comprehensive range of protective products conforms to the highest standards, providing peace of mind by keeping operators and players, safe and healthy.  

Chipper Champ UV in Action 

Want to know more then watch our video of how the Chipper Champ UV Chipping machine works.

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