Chipper Champ 2

Fast and easy to operate, the Chipper Champ 2 builds on TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s renowned heritage as the finest global supplier of live casino gaming equipment. The Chipper Champ 2 can sort up to 500 chips per minute, increasing game productivity by 15% – 20% on a typical Roulette table.


  • Sorts up to 500 chips per minute.
  • Programmable for a left or right-handed table.
  • Automatic variable speed.
  • Ability to program up to four chip types.
  • Sealed hopper and improved funnel eliminates chip spillage.
  • Quick and easy ‘one chip’ programming.
  • Handles various chip diameters from 37mm – 43mm.
  • ‘Hot Swapping’ – where two columns can be easily swapped.
  • Built-in diagnostics and error indicators.
  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Integrates with Table Game Performance.

Product Specification

Colour Selection – Black

Operating Voltage – 200-240V +10% (230V Model) / 110-120V +10% (120V Model)

Frequency – 50-60Hz

Power Consumption –  40W (Standby) /110W (Powered up, but not sorting) / 220W (Sorting)

Input Fuse – T5AG250V (230V model) / T6.3AH250V (120V Model)

Compatible Products – Table Game Performance, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Tables, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the Chipper Champ 2 work?

The Chipper Champ 2 sits discretely beneath the table where it reliably sorts any chip, 24-hours a day. Chips are fed into a funnel to the hopper bowl where a rotating paddle blade assists in placing the chips onto a continuous belt. Chips are then scanned, referenced to a programmed chip in memory, identified and placed into individual columns for the dealer to use.

Why do I need a chip sorting machine in my casino?

The Chipper Champ revolutionised the game of Roulette, speeding up game play and saving casino resource by automatically sorting players’ colour chips and delivering them in neat stacks. Chipper Champ 2 builds on this innovation with the latest technology; with a sorting capacity of up to 500 chips a minute, game productivity on a typical Roulette table is increased by 15-20%.

Is the Chipper Champ 2 easy to operate and set-up?

The Chipper Champ 2 remains the easiest chipper on the market to operate.  Its accessible, multi-button interface and graphical display allow quick access to all functions and give clear indications of operational status. Chipper Champ 2 boasts fast and easy ‘one chip’ column programming, while columns  can be quickly re-programmed in the following combinations:

  • One chip colour/design per column
  • Two chip colour/design per column
  • Four chip colour/design per column
  • Accepts variations of shades of the same colour chip

What is the Chipper Champ UV?

Chipper Champ UV is a new addition to the existing TCSJOHNHUXLEY Chipper Champ range that allows chips to be automatically sanitised as they’re sorted in Chipper. When the chips are placed into the chipper, they pass through a UV-C sanitiser unit, cleaning the chips before they’re returned to play. The Chipper Champ UV can be retrofitted to existing Chipper Champ 2 machines.

History of the Chipper Champ

Watch our latest video to learn how the original world-beating Chipper Champ formed the foundation of TCSJOHNHUXLEY as well as revolutionising table game operations to this very day.

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What our clients say

“We are delighted with the finished result of this project and the support of the TCSJOHNHUXLEY team to ensure everything was completed and delivered on schedule.”

Soteris Scholarios, Casino Operations Director Napoleons Casino, Manchester, UK

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