Chip Sanitiser

The Chip Sanitiser from TCSJOHNHUXLEY, designed to be safe, quick and easy to use, with the ability to sanitise up to 100 chips in a matter of minutes. The Chip Sanitiser provides peace of mind and protects gaming staff and players from harmful germs that can lurk on the surface of chips.


  • Keep your gaming chips clean and germ free
  • Kills germs in minutes
  • Sanitises over eighty chips at one time
  • High Efficiency UV-C light technology

Product Specification

Dimensions ( L x W x D) – 710mm x 615mm x 157mm

Weight –  7kg

Voltage –  110v – 240v plug pack supplied

UV Output –  1.2 W

Time for Disinfection –  <5 mins. Timer adjustable from 2 – 5 mins.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the Chip Sanitiser work?

By using UV-C light technology, up to 100 chips can be sanitised in just minutes, killing harmful germs that lurk on the surface. The Chip Sanitiser features a unique patent pending design that ensures every surface of the chip is cleaned. It also incorporates a safety mechanism, so the machine will not operate unless the unit is completely shut, guaranteeing no harmful UV light can escape.

What is the The TCSJOHNHUXLEY Care and Protect Range?

The TCSJOHNHUXLEY Care and Protect range was designed to protect our industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. This comprehensive range of protective products conforms to the highest standards, providing peace of mind by keeping operators and players, safe and healthy.  

History of the Chipper Champ

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