Certified Perfects Dice

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s “Certified Perfects” Dice are acknowledged as the world-wide industry standard for casino gaming dice and trusted globally for accuracy, quality, and security. These precision-balanced dice are made of flawless, translucent material, with the dots flush with the surface and then wrapped in our signature gold foil.


  • Manufactured to the highest level and trusted globally for accuracy, quality and security.
  • Designed and manufactured to ensure perfect balance and true randomness on every roll.
  • Made from high-quality translucent material.
  • Available in various sizes depending on the country and casino’s requirements.
  • Edge profiles include razor edge or ball corner.
  • Spots on a die are painted with a special epoxy, to create the same weight and density throughout.
  • Can be monogrammed or serialised to a casino’s specifications.
  • Sanded or High-Polished Finish.
  • Available for Craps, Sic Bo and Pai Gow.

Product Specification

Dice Sizes:

Standard Sizes for Craps: .775, .755 (3/4”)

Standard Size for Cornered Dice: .625 (5/8″)

Standard size for Pai Gow: .640”

We manufacture dice for all Casino Games in a variety of styles and sizes from 0.500″ to 0.775″. (For Casinos outside USA – 14mm to 19mm)

Dice Colours:

Standard – Red or Tangerine

Speciality Colours – Green, Dark Blue, Black, White, Light Blue, Saffron & Pink 

Dice Finishes – “Polished” or “Sanded”

Dice Edges:

Razor or Feather

Dice Spots:

Flush, Ring Eye (Single Ring) & Bird’s Eye (Double Ring) spots

Dice Security:

Serial Numbers – A unique serial number that can be added on each set of dice to ensure all dice used in the game are the same.

Logo – The casino’s logo can be added for personalisation and adds a clear identifier.

Glow Spot – A designated spot on each die is filled with a special formulation epoxy that changes colour under ultra-violet light (black light).

Key Letter Spot – A designated spot on each die can be monogrammed with a letter or number prior to painting. The monogram adds another level of security that is hard to replicate.

Reverse 2 – 3 – Positioning of the 2 and 3 spot sides can be changed.

Logo &/or Serial Number Colour – The colour of a logo and/or serial number can be altered for variance.


Frequently asked questions

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What makes Certified Perfects Dice the industry standard for Gaming Dice?

For almost 80 years, Certified Perfects dice have been manufactured incorporating numerous quality procedures and adhere to the highest of standards to ensure the perfect balance and true randomness on every roll. Edges are razor cut for precision and in the shape of a perfect die with corners perfectly square to ensure the randomness of each roll. Each side of a die is perfectly flat, and the spots contained are perfectly flush to ensure no imbalance. Furthermore, the weight of each die is equally distributed throughout the cube and no side of the die is heavier or lighter than any other side.

What security options do you offer for Dice?

Our TCSJOHNHUXLEY “Certified Perfects” Dice are designed and manufactured to ensure the perfect balance and true randomness of every roll with the most stringent levels of security. Security is key, and we offer several options for casinos, including serial numbers, logos, spot colours and key letter monogramming. Furthermore, our strict security measures within the manufacturing process ensures that all gaming dice regulations are strictly adhered to.

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