Blaze Roulette

Blaze for Roulette takes Roulette tables to the next level! With an LED Lightbox beneath the gaming surface, which allows you to display eye-catching animations, game state prompts and winning numbers. TCSJOHNHUXLEY holds the global patent for displaying animations on the gaming surface making Blaze one of a kind.


  • Patented technology to deliver stunning in-game video animations.
  • Offered in Single, Double and Triple Zero options.
  • Highlights winning bets and pay-outs.
  • Game status prompts – “Place Your Bets”, “Finish Betting” and “No More Bets.”
  • Cloth layout gaming surface.
  • Single or double-ended table options available.
  • Option to include Neighbour Bet Grid / Racetrack.
  • Enhances security by illuminating winning bets and pay-outs.
  • Compatible with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels and the Winning Number Display range.

Product Specification

Colour Options – Available in numerous colours and finishes.

Electronics Options – Blaze Lightbox Output, Dealer console, Built-in cooling fan

Compatible Products –

Table Game Performance

All TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels

TCS Ora Winning Number Display Range


Frequently asked questions

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What is Blaze Technology?

Blaze LED Surface Technology offers the latest in innovative LED technology, delivering eye-catching animations and excitement to casino table games. This energy efficient product provides thousands of hours of operating life so that gameplay is uninterrupted, and maintenance is limited. Blaze incorporates patented game attract animations that run automatically until ‘no more bets’ is signalled.

How does a Dealer operate Blaze Roulette?

Blaze Roulette is fully automated. The dealer is only required to manually void the game if necessary. Voiding the game is done through a dealer console like other Blaze games. Winning numbers are passed to the Blaze system and Winning Number Display directly from an integrated Saturn™ Roulette Wheel, TCSJOHNHUXLEY reader head or connection to a third-party wheel.

What are the benefits of having Blaze on my Roulette Table?

Designed to both entertain and inform customers during games, Blaze’s illuminated animations also assist with dealer accuracy by making it easier for dealers to remain focused on providing the best possible player experience. The highlighted winning numbers and light sequences on the betting area also confirm the stage of the game helping dealers and security staff to easily monitor game play. Furthermore, unlike traditional illuminated tables – which consist of a light box with individual light bulbs that require regular replacement – Blaze LED Surface Technology is energy-efficient and offers thousands of hours operating life. This means that game play is uninterrupted and regular maintenance is limited.

What other products are compatible with Blaze for Roulette?

Blaze and the Saturn™ Glo Roulette Wheel make a winning combination, lighting up your gaming floor with their automated and synchronised colour changes, which clearly indicate attract mode, ‘Place Your Bets’, ‘No More Bets’ and specific winning numbers. Blaze is compatible with the entire TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels and Winning Number Displays.

What is Roulette Xtra with Blaze?

Roulette Xtra with Blaze is an award-winning live table game exclusively from TCSJOHNHUXLEY, which is able to display unique attract sequences, custom themed animations, Roulette Xtra multiplier bets and winning numbers. The random multiplier amounts are easily identified for the player and dealer, as they are lit up simultaneously on the Blaze table layout and winning number display. For more information on Blaze please visit our range page on the website.

Blaze in Action 

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What our clients say

“When you want to drive the best, you drive a Rolls-Royce! When you want the best Roulette Wheel in the industry, you buy a TCSJOHNHUXLEY Wheel. They are the Rolls-Royce of Wheels and have been for many years!”

Richard Strafella, Chief Operations Officer Gila River Hotels & Casinos, Arizona

“TCSJOHNHUXLEY continue to supply relevant machines for our market, as well as customised equipment only in Solaire, while maintaining the highest of standards which we have come to expect over our many years of partnership.”

Wallace Canlas, Director Floor Operations Table Games Solaire Resort and Casino, Manila

“I am very pleased with our partnership with TCSJOHNHUXLEY. It has always been our commitment to provide extraordinary gaming experiences to our guests and our partner’s product portfolio enables us to do just that.”

Tim Gilbert, VP of Table Games Okada Manila Casino Resort, Philippines

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