AccuLevel and TriLevel

Unlevel Roulette wheels have the potential to generate drop zones caused by poor wheel calibration and lack of preventative maintenance. With TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s AccuLevel and TriLevel, a single member of casino staff can quickly level and rotate wheels on a regular basis, allowing for optimal and fair gameplay.


  • A fast, and easy solution for wheel rotation and accurate wheel levelling
  • Increases security by eliminating any drop zone bias caused by poor wheel calibration and lack of preventative maintenance
  • Eliminates the need to lift and level heavy Roulette Wheels
  • Reduces maintenance costs – can be set-up by one individual Wheel can be rotated without the need to re-level
  • Rotation can be done at any time
  • Optional TriLevel solution provides a quick and accurate levelling check

Frequently asked questions

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Why is it important to rotate and level Roulette Wheel?

An un-level Roulette Wheel has the potential to generate a drop zone caused by poor wheel calibration and lack of preventative maintenance. By actively rotating wheels, casinos can reduce the risk of operating with predictable drop zones. Wheels should be rotated on a regular basis to reduce wear points and extend the life of the wheel.

What is a TriLevel?

The TCSJOHNHUXLEY TriLevel is specifically designed to sit in the ball track of the wheel, enabling a single member of casino staff to check and adjust the level of the wheel quickly and accurately.  

What is an AccuLevel?

The AccuLevel from TCSJOHNHUXLEY is a quick and easy solution that enables a single member of casino staff to quickly level and rotate wheels. There is no need to  adjust other devices connected to the wheel such as Winning Number Displays. Fitted to the wheel platform on a table or a wheel podium for freestanding wheels, the AccuLevel works by placing the plate underneath the wheel so that the disc fits exactly to the inner edge of the base of the wheel. AccuLevel is simple to operate allowing easy and accurate three-point levelling and features 360 degrees wheel plate rotation with 15 indexed positional locking points. Furthermore, AccuLevel’s design reduces the potential risk of injury from lifting and levelling heavy Roulette Wheels.

Roulette Wheels in Action

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