A Plus Shuffler®

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s A Plus Shuffler® is an easy-to-use and simple-to-maintain shuffler that can accommodate from 1 up to 8 decks of cards. Available with Poker and Blackjack shoe configurations, the A Plus Shuffler® is unquestionably reliable and can be setup for all kinds of card game shuffling requirements.


  • Improves game speed and efficiency
  • Available from 1 up to 8 decks
  • Untraceable random shuffle ensuring integrity of games
  • Simple and easy-to-use with minimum training required
  • Two interchangeable dealing shoe options
  • Pre-configured games inc. Blackjack, Texas Hold Em’ Poker, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Three Card Baccarat, Pai Gow, and more.
  • Operates with plastic, paper and plastic-coated cards including embossed
  • Prevents card counting, shuffle tracking and advantaged players
  • LCM display for easy control and monitoring
*Please note - The A Plus Shuffler® is not currently available for sale, lease, use or import into the United States.

Product Specification

Colour Selection – Black.

Operating Voltage – 110-220V AC (DC 24v).

Power Consumption – 180W.

Power Supply – UL & CE approved.

Shuffle Time – 25-28 secs/deck.

Capacity – From 1 up to 8 decks of standard playing cards.

Connectivity – USB.

Compatible ProductsTCSJOHNHUXLEY Winning Number Displays.

Frequently asked questions

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Can the A Plus Shuffler® be used for Poker and Blackjack?

The A Plus Shuffler® from TCSJOHNHUXLEY is available for Poker and Blackjack shoe configurations and comes pre-programmed for many of the most popular games. It is the most versatile 1-8 deck shuffler on the market that can deliver a continuous supply of cards or composite hands.

Why do I need a card shuffling machine in my casino?

Card shuffling machines are efficient and add excitement to card table games. Faster and fairer than manual shuffling methods, card shufflers provide a consistent and positive gaming experience, allowing smooth and rapid game play for dealers and customers alike. Card shuffling machines are more secure as they provide a continual shuffled cards that avoid manipulating or tracking by either the dealer or players. Casinos can benefit from increased game speeds where faster operations can help to generate additional revenue.

How often should I clean my shuffler?

To ensure a long and trouble-free operation of your A Plus Shuffler® a weekly clean and check is required. You should remove all cards in the slots and use a brush to clean every slot of the wheel and at least once a week make sure you use a brush or vacuum to remove any dust from the Shuffler.

Do card shufflers prevent card counting and tracking?

Yes, continuous shuffling of the decks prevents card counting, shuffle tracking and advantaged players.

Will the A Plus Shuffler® work with unique games?

Yes, new unique variants of blackjack or poker games can be added. This is an additional service that can be undertaken by our technical teams (subject to local gaming regulations and approvals).

Shuffler in Action

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