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8th February 2024

TCSJOHNHUXLEY showcases unique progressive live gaming offering at ICE London

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TCSJOHNHUXLEY showcases unique progressive live gaming offering at ICE London

Leading global innovator of live gaming solutions, TCSJOHNHUXLEY, used ICE 2024 to showcase its expanding range of live table games, including their exciting ‘Xtreme’ suite of Progressive Games, which combine proprietary enhancements to many popular table games, with the thrill of mystery prizes, individual, community, and fixed pay-outs.

Building on the success of TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Blackjack, Poker and Roulette Progressive offerings, visitors were treated to Pure Pairs Xtreme, Magic Poker Xtreme, Double-Up Blackjack Xtreme, with its popular Bonus 16 side bet, and Roulette Xtreme.

When it comes to progressive jackpots, trust is paramount. TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Xtreme Progressive Games are built on the foundation of the TCS Jackpot System, renowned for its ease of use, security, proven reliability, and focus on flexible jackpot management.

The TCS Jackpot System is a unique platform that is available for any table game. The system provides operators with the flexibility to configure multiple customised progressive jackpots and patented mystery prizes, to enhance any base game.

A key feature unique to the TCS Jackpot System allows players to have access to a variety of individual, community, and mystery progressive jackpots as well as fixed pay-outs. With the TCS Jackpot System, if one jackpot is won, the others remain in play (and don’t reset) until they are also won. This keeps the excitement building and players at the table for longer.

Patented mystery jackpots that use a random number generator (RNG) to select a participating player or multiple players as winners can be added for further excitement and entertainment.  Operators can control the average value and frequency of their mystery jackpots. For maximum customer engagement, Jackpots can also be set the same floor-wide across all tables and games. This allows operators to offer life-changing prizes to their players by simply connecting their existing tables together.

Offered as a white label product, the TCS Jackpot System allows operators full customisation to brand and theme games, designs, and jackpots, or alternatively the TCSJOHNHUXLEY team can assist with this. There are limitless possibilities for the operator to bring an unprecedented level of entertainment and excitement to the gaming floor.

Nicci Smith, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Managing Director UK & Europe comments, "TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Xtreme Progressive Games are all about giving players more ways to win and have fun. When it comes to progressives for the live casino sector, it's clear that we've created something rather special. With fully configurable multiple jackpot types, mystery prizes, and fixed pay outs, the result is a product offering true adaptability, making the TCS Jackpot System a favourite among operators looking to stand out in today's competitive market.”