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4th June 2024

TCSJOHNHUXLEY showcases iconic Lumin8 Game Wheel at G2E Asia 2024

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Get gamers spinning with excitement! TCSJOHNHUXLEY brings the iconic Lumin8 Game Wheel to G2E Asia 2024 in Macau.

Lumin8 Game Wheel is an eye-catching digital wheel, with multi-game functionality and a wide range of options for creating fun and unique games. The Wheel is a vibrant attraction that is ideal for both games and promotions with numerous combinations of pre-installed designs to choose from and the option to upload custom designs using the Lumin8 design software. Different push and play buttons for players to physically take part in the action, can be ordered separately and the edge lit LED illumination can be configured to any colour.

Operators are also able to design their own symbols and assign different parameters for each of them –for example the probability rate, speed and duration of spinning, winner cursor shape, appearance, demo mode, etc. The centre screen is also independently controlled to display logos and the winning result, for further customisation.

Simple and easy to operate, game changes take just a few seconds by simply uploading a USB key and inserting it into the Lumin8 console.

Rebecca Kingswell, Global Head of Operations and Managing Director APAC, TCSJOHNHUXLEY comments, “The Lumin8 Digital Game Wheel can be used for variety of interactive games and promotions in Casinos, Hotels, Arcades and Game Rooms. After proving to be incredibly popular in Europe we are really excited to showcase this to the Asian market at the show. This wheel is certainly going to create a big impact in Asia.”

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