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4th April 2023

TCSJOHNHUXLEY launches D-i-Shaker, the next generation Dice Shaker at ICE London

5 min read

Leading global innovator of live gaming solutions, TCSJOHNHUXLEY, unveiled its latest automated Dice Shaker at ICE London 2023.

The D-i-Shaker is as reliable and secure as the previous model, but now includes a range of features making it lighter and quieter than ever before. Designed to be fully integrated as part of the Sicbo game electronics as well as stand-alone for ETGs, or i-Gaming use, the D-i-Shaker provides integrity to the game sequence whilst protecting against the possibility of a non-shake or double shake of the dice.

Enclosed by a new, tougher glass cylinder the TCSJOHNHUXLEY D-i-Shaker is resistant to impacts from the dice and covered by a removable lid with customisable colours. Incorporating a new motor to shake the dice, has enabled an overall lighter design and a base that fits within the same diameter space on the table as the previous model. This new patented shaking mechanism provides increased reliability and durability with much quieter shakes. In addition, the Dice Shaker now contains an additional settling ‘shimmy’ shake in its cycle which helps to eliminate any cocked and stacked dice.

Furthermore, there are highly visible lights in the base to indicate various game states during play and an eye-catching attract sequence will display in-between games and when there is no game activity.

Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman comments, “The original Dice Shaker is one of our core products with literally thousands in use on gaming floors around the world. We are delighted to unveil the next generation D-i-Shaker with additional features for increased reliability, security, and a new lighter design. We are sure our customers will be incredibly impressed with the latest developments that this new model offers.”