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8th February 2024

TCSJOHNHUXLEY extends Money Wheel range with new Super Reels Money Wheel

5 min read

ICE London provided the perfect showcase for TCSJOHNHUXLEY to debut their latest Money Wheel, Super Reels Money Wheel, for the first time.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY already boasts the widest range of Money Wheels for the land-based and online sectors. These include Traditional, graphical LED illuminated, Mega and Mega Tilt money wheels, each of which can be custom designed to suit a wide range of gaming and promotional requirements.

What sets the Super Reels Money Wheel apart is its unmistakable visual impact. Standing at almost 2.3 metres high, the new Super Reels Money Wheel features two giant wheels designed to emulate old fashioned slot reels, but the visual impact goes beyond mere size. The two reels rotate independently to create a dynamic showpiece that will transform any game into an exciting spectacle that will capture the attention of players and onlookers alike.

Designed as a blank canvas that Operators can customise with their own branding and game themes, it’s possible to transform Super Reels Money Wheel into their unique vision. Imagine a pirate ship battling sea monsters, a neon cityscape alive with racing cars, a jungle teeming with exotic creatures, or applying the very latest licensed content collaborations featuring beloved characters or franchises – the possibilities are as endless as the operator's imagination.

Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman comments, "The Super Reels Money Wheel is yet another example of TCSJOHNHUXLEY's dedication to pushing the boundaries of casino entertainment in the live and online gaming sectors. It’s a real showstopper and allows operators to easily devise innovative games and themes that will grab the attention of players. Add this to our extensive range of Money Wheels, from traditional options to LED-powered solutions, and we cater to every taste and requirement.”

Offering a unique blend of excitement and simplicity, Money Wheel, also known as Big Six, is an enduring favourite that is now experiencing a fresh wave of popularity. This resurgence owes to the increasing use of Money Wheel across the iGaming sector, where creative live studio integrations have breathed new life into the classic format. With its simple gameplay and a chance to win big, it remains a unique and thrilling experience for both novice and seasoned players.