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8th February 2024

TCSJOHNHUXLEY debuts new range of scaled-down tables at ICE London

5 min read

TCSJOHNHUXLEY the world renowned supplier of end-to-end live gaming solutions unveiled a new range of scaled-down tables at ICE 2024, which feature a reduced footprint yet will not impact the game. These tables have been developed in consultation with operators which will enable these products to be located in areas that standard sized tables would not fit - with reduced impact on the table gaming footprint in a casino. They are equally well suited to the iGaming sector for live studio applications.

Beautifully crafted to the quality that operators have come to expect from TCSJOHNHUXLEY, these scaled-down tables have been designed to incorporate all the same components as standard size tables but will provide operators with the ability to place more tables on the gaming floor, if so required.

As with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY tables, a variety of finishes and styles are available to match the casino’s décor or brand requirements. Each table is carefully manufactured with a combination of precision engineering and master craftsmanship, resulting in the most stunning and technologically advanced gaming tables in the world.

This dedication to delivering world-class gaming tables for over five decades, has earned TCSJOHNHUXLEY an exceptional reputation globally. Recent projects such as The Hippodrome Casino, The Park Tower, City of Dreams Mediterranean and GoldenEye Hotel & Casino, stand as testaments to their commitment to excellence and unrivalled craftsmanship.

"These new tables are a game-changer for operators seeking to maximise their floor space and table game offerings," said Nicci Smith, Managing Director UK & Europe, TCSJOHNHUXLEY. "Our commitment to innovation and collaboration with operators has delivered a beautifully crafted table solution that doesn't compromise on design yet opens up exciting new possibilities for revenue generation."